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Individual Web-Mapping-Solutions
Internet Mapping Applications have an enormous increase in popularity. The basics for a successful Web-Mapping Service are high performance in data delivery and an easy and intuitive usability. We help you building up a customized Web-GIS for your spatial data - from secure company-internal Intranet-GIS till large, public multi-server Web-Mapping Services for millions of users.
Visit our Demo-Server Atlogis-Maps and Atlogis-Metamaps to see 2 examples of web-mapping or try the upper window, where you can browse satellite imagery of Atlogis and Google Maps.
We offer
• Setup and hosting of GIS-Server farms
• Dynamic Map-Server ( e.g. for Location based Services, Fleetmanagement, Weathermaps)
• Static Map-Server with Caching-Technology for optimal performance
• Integration of all kinds of spatial data like e.g. vectors, maps, air photographs, POIs, photos, videos
etc. with meta-data and links
• Database management
• OGC/WMS conformity
• Interface to
Google Earth, Google Maps, WorldWind, and others.
• Interface to GIS-Software like e.g. ArcGIS
• AJAX-, Flash- or JAVA - FrontEnd for user-friendly clients with high functionality (e.g. Routing, Editing- and Analysis-Tools or database queries.
• High-Performance and cost-effective Back-End-Solutions like UMN Mapserver or PostgreSQL/PostGIS
• Layer-Architecture for combination with other Web-Mapping-Services like e.g. Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Maps or other WMS-Servers.

Google Earth and WorldWind - Export:
Present your geodata in 3D ! 3D-Geobrowser like Google Earth or WorldWind have the advantages of large user communities, optimal usability and fast 3D performance. We can make your spatial data compatible with Google Earth / WorldWind and we can help you to setup geodata-server that can stream directly to Google Earth / WorldWind clients.

Solutions for Google Earth / WorldWind

Conversion of vector-data (points, lines, polygons)
Conversion of raster-data like e.g. topo-maps or satellite images ( unlimited size !)
Generation of 3D-models with textures
Generation of KMZ-files for your clients
Setup and hosting of GIS-server with interface for Google Earth / WorldWind for access via Internet / Intranet ( also for large data amounts)
Solutions for access control / copy protection to grant security for your data.

Google, Microsoft und Yahoo Maps API:
Für viele Bereiche wie z.B. der Präsentation von Points of Interest oder eine Anfahrts-Skizze bieten die APIs von Google, MSN und Yahoo Maps (u.a.) weitreichende Funktionen für eine informationsreiche und benutzerfreundliche Visualisierung.
Wir helfen Ihnen gerne, die APIs in Ihre Homepage zu integrieren und für Ihre Zwecke optimal zu nutzen.

Please contact us for further information.


Geo-Browser for our satellite imagery and maps.
We provide excellent satellite image mosaics and relief maps from any place on earth including height maps and vector data.

Geo-Browser for our satellite imagery and maps.
Landsat 7 v2 mosaic
Global satellite image in
natural color.

Topographic Maps
Browse world-wide
topographic maps.

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